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As you can see from the title of this post, this is alllll about my curly hair routine aka how I had my hair all summer!
It is hot and humid here in Saint John so any way I can avoid having to turn the blow dryer and straightener on —- well I’ll take it.


Hair care is something I’ve always been keen on. I have extremely thick hair, which can be a struggle if not taken care of properly.
The type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using is the start of it.
I use a shampoo for the type of hair I have (bleached/colored, and more on the dry side), as well as a conditioner in the same area of expertise.


I also use a heat styling product. As you can see in the picture of the close up products; it’s the funky shaped bottle to your left. I purchased it from the salon, although it doesn’t have to be the exact same brand, something along the lines is super helpful. You always want to be using products like these on your hair if you use a significant amount of heat. Well, actually, if you’re using ANY amount of heat.


I know that my curly haired ladies understand the struggle but for those who may be lost; the mousse you use is crucial to a successful hair day.
I have been through MANY. Endless amounts actually. But I’ve found the most success with the herbal essences mousse. OMG!
I distribute the product throughout my hair in a scrunching manner. You do not want to comb the product throughout, you want to create the curls with this scrunching motion. Trust me on this one!
I always take my towel and do the exact same motion. I find it just makes the curls that much better. (And I never properly wring out my hair, so it’s usually necessary anyway.)


I wanted to make sure to show you what my hair, and most likely your hair, will look like after you’ve applied all the products.
I have really thick hair, so it takes a few hours for my hair to dry! But it’s so simple and I have no issues throughout the day.
Always lots of volume if I end up putting my hair in a bun or ponytail as well because of the mousse!
Thanks for reading y’all!



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