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Hey guys!

I wanted to create a post today discussing contouring and highlighting. I personally feel like these two techniques can change your make up look completely!



A lot of people become extremely intimidate when it comes to applying bronzer, but no need to fear! In the diagram I attached above you can see the key areas where you should be applying your bronzer, and the white areas are where you should be highlighting. You want to use these products in this manner, because of the way it will shape your face. You can refer back to this diagram throughout my blog post today, to help you find the key areas.




Urban Decay Naked Concealer

I use a light shade concealer (the one above is my current favorite) on the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, middle of my forehead, and my chin. You want to use a lighter shade compared to your foundation in these areas, to brighten. (See diagram above to follow along)


Maybelline Loose Powder

I then set this concealer with a light powder to bring the look together. My current favorite (that I actually discussed in a previous post) is the one above. It was only 5.99 and is INCREDIBLE!


Only step required – BRONZER


I apply my bronzer to all the points indicated in the diagram above. In my opinion, if you’re just starting out with a bronzing product, apply it to the cheeks with a bigger brush. By doing this, you’re adding color to your face but not exactly “contouring”. I typically go in with a smaller brush like so:


And with the smaller end I carve my cheeks, jaw line, and forehead out to perform the ‘contouring’.


Very important when it comes to using a bronzer. Blend the crap out of your face, to eliminate harsh lines. If you feel you’ve applied to much product or have strayed away from the areas where you should be contouring; BLEND!


I also like to use that smaller brush with whatever product is left, and carve out the arches on my nose area. I find it gives your nose more definition and the illusion that it’s smaller. Who doesn’t want that?!

My go-to bronzers this summer:


The Hoola Matte Bronzer…. life changing. I absolutely love this product!

Hoola Bronzer


Natural Bronzer

I also love the natural bronzer by Rimmel, a cheaper drug store product, but it works great!

I then go back to highlighting to perform the last step:

*Highlighter* — My favorite step 


I apply the highlighter to the tops of my cheeks, under my bottom lip, bridge of my nose, forehead, top of my lip and the inner corner of my eyes. I love this step so much, because it gives you such a beautiful glow and completely brings the look together.

Urban Decay Highlighter

The Urban Decay highlighter in ‘Sin’ has been my go to all summer!



NYX ‘BORN TO GLOW!” liquid highlighter is another amazing product. It’s a liquid formula so the application is a bit different, but the areas where you should apply remain the same. When it comes to liquid highlighters, because I have a more dry skin type, I like to apply the product on a brush and then to my face. If I apply the liquid highlighter directly to my face and then try to blend it out, the blending just does not happen.


Stay tuned for my other posts this week. Have a great day!

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Talk soon xo

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