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Book Review Numero Deux

Hello beautiful people!

I hope everyone made it through the dreaded Monday yesterday. It’s up hill from here –Friday is getting closer!

I recently joined the Public Library here in Saint John and checked out 4 books. I’ve had my nose stuck in said books for the past week/weekend, and just barely finished reading them yesterday. Before I go and return these books, so I can check out new ones — I thought I would do a review on one of them today. I love reading so much, and enjoy talking about the books I have read!

Book I’ll be discussing today:


A Complicated Kindness

 ‘A Complicated Kindness’ captured my attention for the entire read because it was such a captivating story.

Teenager Nomi Nickel’s narrates this story about the Mennonite community she has been brought up in. Her thoughts are often humorous but they also reveal a young woman who is struggling to cope with the sudden and unexpected departure of her sister Tash and her mother Trudie.

Her sister left three years previously with a boyfriend, and her mother soon departs after.

It shows how The Father and Nomi try to cope with every day life, and the grief they are encompassed with. Nomi is a strugglin teenager growing up in a very religious village. She lacks guidance, and because of this she acts out regularly.

“Nomi’s tragedy is the slow realization that not only will she fail to bring her family together, but she will have to change her nature in order to find a place in the town she loves. In the end, her father Ray makes a sacrifice so that Nomi can be free.”

Source: Wikipedia

This was the first book I read out of the 4 I borrowed from the library. Wow! Such a GREAT read.

The mystery that is continued throughout the novel creates just enough curiosity to make you want to read more and more. The mystery of their family and the child Nomi, who is telling the story — is SO intriguing.

Throughout the novel you as the reader form many questions about what is really happening. Although the author, Miriam Toews, gives continuous hints and insight into their lives and who they are, you are still left with this curiousity. She gives just enough details for you to form opinions and thoughts on these individuals but still leaves you questioning — “Ok, who are these people? What the heck is really happening!” Creating this continuous curiosity, making you read on…

Something I really enjoyed about this novel is how it started with the big event. The big life altering event — her sister and her mother leaving. And then throughout the novel it goes through the series of events that led to this happening. Nomi goes back and forth from talking about what is really happening in that moment, and discussing past events that occured to make her mother and sister leave. You are left wondering what the real reason for their depature is until the very end of the novel, where you finally find out what happened. Followed by a very surprising plot twist, to finish the book off.

Beautifully written.

10/10 review from me, EASILY!

I would highly reccommend this book to anyone seeking a good read!


I hope you guys enjoyed this book review today!

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Talk soon xo

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