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An Easy Guide To Achieve The Best Eyebrows!

I’m back again with another post. I’m excited about this one!

Today I am going to be talking alllll about eyebrows! I know there is so much fear when it comes to filling in your eyebrows; messing them up, doing them properly, the list goes on. I’m going to share with you two different ways that I fill in my eyebrows! These two techniques have always worked well for me, and as I grow more comfortable with makeup and the application of it, I seem to grow more confident in regards to filling in my eyebrows. Practice makes perfect! Along with other aspects of doing your makeup, it will just take time and practice to perfect your eyebrow routine.

1st Option: Shadow with Angled Brush 

Please do not mind the shape my eye palette is in. It is a VERY old Mac Palette, but the shadow that I have indicated is the perfect one for filling in MY eyebrows. I can not say what shade will work right for you, but my advice is to find a shade a tinge LIGHTER than your eyebrows. I find a shade lighter is much easier to work with, rather than a shade that is too DARK.


I always start by brushing out my eyebrow hairs. I find combing the hairs in an upward direction works best, and then back in the position I would like them to lay. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a tool such as the one in the picture above, as it makes this process much easier.


When ever I fill my eyebrows in, I always fill the natural shape I already have. A lot of people think that when it comes to filling in your eyebrows, you have to create a shape yourself. I find that I achieve the best natural looking eyebrows, when I use the product to ACCENTUATE what is already there! Of course you can always over line, create an arch, ETC, if that’s what you want. But this is what I find works best, and is easiest. Especially as a beginner!

Because this is an angled brush it works great at achieving a more accurate shape. It’s also quite thin, making it easier to achieve hair like motions when getting closer to the end of the eyebrow, as you see in the second picture. Going in upwards motions works best rather than grabbing a ton of shadow and patting the product on your eyebrows. Less is more, because then you can build up the color. This is not the case if you stamp a butt load of shadow directly on to the hairs. That’s a NO – NO!

I ALWAYS start at the end and work my way forward. I TAP the brush into the shadow (you do not want to rub, or create circular motions with your brush in the shadow. Just TAP). I tap the shadow to pick up color when beginning at the end of the brow, and work my way forward as less product is on the brush at this point.


You want a lighter look at the ends closest to the middle of your forehead


And a darker shade at the other end that is closest to your ear

Which is why we start at this end, and work our way forward!

Because I am not perfect at this by all means, I usually take a brush and some concealer to clean up any areas I think need it. I’m using my Mac 272 (I think? It’s SO old), and I am also using my Urban Decay Naked Concealer.


I usually dab the concealer on the back of my hand, and then tap the brush into the product. Using concealer helps create a more defined shape, and it’s also a great method to use if your eyebrows are a bit over grown. Just cover those hairs up! Easy stuff.

The finished left Brow:


2nd Option: Eyebrow Pencil



Product used: Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil


I start off doing the exact same first step even when using an eyebrow pencil: Brush up my eyebrow hairs. As you can see in the picture above I have them combed completely upright. After that, I comb them in the position I would like, once again, and then I begin filling them in.

An eyebrow pencil gives a more defined look, and because of this it is a bit more tricky to use. I find a shadow and brow brush is a more ‘forgiving’ way to do your brows, because it’s much easier to wipe the product off, and with a shadow it is much less definitive. Just keep that in mind!


I create the same hand motions when using the brow pencil VS shadow. Always moving in an upward direction, creating hair like lines. After I have filled in the sparse areas, I then go in with the other end of the product as you’ll see below.


This combs the product throughout the hairs, this is my FAVORITE step. By using the spooled end to incorporate the product throughout the hairs, it creates a more full brow look. Super easy to use honestly, the only difficult part overall, is creating the ideal shape with the pencil. You just have to take your time, and fill in a little then use the spool brush – back and forth between the two -continuously, until you’re satisfied.

I once again use my angled Mac brush and concealer to touch up any areas, and help make a more definitive shape.

I didn’t include pictures of this step, but I typically set my eyebrows with a gel of some sort once I am all finished filling them in.

I will attach a couple of links to the products I like to use, that I find work best for either the shadow technique or pencil:

  1. Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow
  2. MAC Brow Set Clear

The finished look:


Left eyebrow: Shadow

Right eyebrow: Brow Pencil

Thank you all so much for reading through my blog post today. I hope it was helpful, and if you guys have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments. I am always here to help!

As always,

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Talk soon xo

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