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MOTD + My Thoughts On The ‘Younique Liquid Foundation’ And Foundation Brush!

It’s finally Friday — YAY!

For today’s post I wanted to keep it pretty casual. I’m going to be sharing with you my ‘makeup of the day’, and am going to review my thoughts on the Younique liquid foundation and foundation brush. I feel like there is sooooo much hype on social media when it comes to this company. Particularly, the hype being centered around the foundation! So here are my thoughts on it. I hope you guys enjoy!

 “A full-coverage foundation that goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish.”

–  Younique Website Description

↑ Let’s see how accurate this statement is!


This foundation comes in a glass see through bottle. I have the shade ‘organza”, and it matches perfectly with my skin during the Summer/early Fall. I believe once Winter arrives it will be too dark though. My opinion is to do a shade lighter in this foundation. I find it does oxidize a bit, and has more of an orange undertone. So just keep in mind if you have somebody do a color match on you, in my experience I have always had to go a shade lighter then what they recommended for me. It’s a very liquid formed foundation; as stated in the name. It comes with a dropper for application, which I personally really like! It allows you to get every last drop in the bottle because of this.


When I purchased this foundation from a Younique Representative I was suckered into purchasing the foundation brush, shown in the picture above. They swear by it, and feel that you get the best coverage if you use the brush and foundation together. I am here to tell you that I absolutely HATE this foundation brush. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to clean completely, as the foundation sticks inside the center of the brush in the hallow hole. I also find that the foundation itself gets lost inside the bristles of the brush, causing you to use wayyyyy to much foundation. This product is not cheap… so the less product I can use, I’m all for. It creates a ‘streak’ like look when trying to blend the foundation in on your face, and the only way I can get the best coverage is if I go in with a beauty blender to clean up the mess it has made.

So with that all being said, the brush is a 0/5. Not necessary, in my personal opinion.


I’m sure you guys are not surprised to see which primer I am using. I absolutely love this DermaBlend insta-grip Jelly primer. I have yet to find a foundation that this primer does not work well with. From the cheapest drug store foundation to a high end foundation; this primer works incredibly. I will link it here in case you want to check it out! Highly recommend that you do.

DermaBlend insta-grip Jelly Primer

Make sure you shake the product up before using it, because it is such a liquid formed foundation.

I started by putting the product on the back of my hand and then dipped my beauty blender in to the product, transferring it to my face that way.

I then found it a bit easier to take the dropper and place drops around my entire face, and then blend the product in with my beauty blender. I would recommend this technique for the type of foundation!

My first thoughts on this foundation?

  • I 100% agree with the statement I indicated above, taken directly from the Younique website. It applies as a liquid form, but drys instantaneously giving that powder finish. I have dry skin as I have stated in previous posts, and it does not stick to any dry areas whatsoever. There is no emphasis on any of my fine lines or visible pores. Which is AWESOME!
  • I have experienced issues before in the Winter months when my skin is at its worst in regards to dryness. When my skin is acting this way, mixing the foundation with a BB cream works awesome. It adds a bit more hydration to the foundation so it doesn’t crease to your dry spots once the foundation is on your face.


After application of the foundation I went in with my concealer. I am still using the Urban Decay Naked concealer, and still loving the heck out of it! It worked well with the foundation and I had no issues with creasing, or appearance of patchiness, ETC.


Remainder of products used today:


My thoughts on foundation after all my makeup was applied?

  • I love it! I wish I disliked this foundation, because it costs a small fortune. But it is a large bottle (20 ML), and the product works amazing. It is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation. Very build-able, and a nice matte finish! I have dry skin and I would highly recommend this foundation who has a similar skin type to me. I can’t say for sure if the product would work well with oily skin, but there are many other reviews out there from individuals with this skin type!


♥ End of the day 

Final thoughts: 

After wearing this foundation for the entire day, it still looks pretty much just as good as when I first applied. I am noticing my pores becoming more visible on my nose area and my smile lines have completely creased at this point. But I am not dewy or oily at all! I am still loving the way this feels, and if I were to be going out tonight I wouldn’t have to reapply at all, I could just touch up what I have now.

4/5 would recommend this foundation. I do think it is worth the hype, but not so much the foundation brush.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful for you guys, I truly appreciate you clicking on my profile today and reading about! ♥

Have a great weekend!

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Talk again very soon xo

1 Comment

  1. September 23, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Great review🙂 as a representative myself I hate it when people push the brush as I’m the same as you, don’t like it! I always use sponges with foundations looks far better. Loved your review hunnie! Glad you liked it 🙂 if you aren’t happy with the brush we pride ourselves on our 14 day guarantee so contact the presenter you got the brush from and ask for a refund, you will of course have to send it back but if you have purchased it recently you’ll get all your money back xxx

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