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♥ Habits that I’ve implemented in my life that help me stay positive+ and decreases my anxiety

Guess who’s back…. back again.. ♫♫♫

I am back with a new post today. Hey all! I have been a bit MIA this week because I had a few important things I had to take care of this week, but I wanted to make this post today.

We are entering the cooler seasons of the year. And with that comes the Winter blues. Blah! I’m not sure about you but Winter blues can hit me hard if I let it. So I wanted to share a few habits that I have implemented in my life that really have helped me a GREAT deal. They have helped me stay positive, focused and have really decreased my anxiety. I am the type of person who enjoys routine, routine makes me feel GOOD and keeps me on the right track.

 1. Exercise



I don’t know about you but when I see the word exercise the first thing that comes to mind is WORK. Exercise sounds like a task — it sounds like work. And who the hell wants to go to their full time job/classes during the day, whatever it is that you do, and then have to try and convince yourself to workout?? The answer is NO ONE! But something that we are all at fault for doing is thinking that we have to go HAM at the gym, or go to an hour and a half workout class to make it worth while. That is not the case people! Get up a few minutes early and go for a small walk around your neighborhood in the mornings. Go to the gym on your lunch break and walk on the treadmill for a half hour. Use whatever small amount of extra time you have in your day, or MAKE that extra time, and gift your body with an opportunity to feel GOOD. Working out not only makes me feel good physically, but it also has a positive effect on my emotional/mental state. I have been trying to go for a quick morning walk when I wake up. Instead of laying in bed for those extra minutes scrolling aimlessly through social media, I get my ass up out of bed and do the small block around where I live. Get up and get moving! It’s the perfect way to clear your head in the morning, provides you with a few minutes of “you” time, before the craziness of your day begins.

    2. Yoga/Stretching 


I have been doing this for months and have noticed a huge difference in my bodies flexibility, as well I have noticed a decrease in pain/discomfort in my joints/muscles. I’m not saying you have to pay for a membership and have to attend a yoga class or anything like that. Money does not grow on trees, and it is not always easy to find the time to attend a class. But it is 2018 people —- go on YouTube and educate yourself on a few yoga moves, or different stretches. Find the ones that you enjoy most, or ones that you find the most helpful, and do that every day. If I wake up in the morning and I find that my body is aching, or I didn’t sleep well because my anxiety was through the roof — taking 5 minutes to stretch on my yoga mat helps immensely. Not only does it give you 5 minutes to yourself, but it helps to recenter. Everybody struggles differently, and everybody’s anxiety is a little bit different then the next person, but something like yoga/stretching allows you to focus on something else for 5 minutes. A healthy distraction!

   3. Journaling

I know I have talked about this in a post before, but writing in my journal has made such a positive difference in my life. There are MANY different ways that you can use a journal that are all equally as beneficial. You could write in your journal in bullet point form, you could write only about your day and the activities that took place, you could use it to write about your thoughts, you could use it to write about only positive/uplifting things — there are SO many uses. I like to use my journal for a little bit of everything. Some days I may talk about my day and what I did, or I will write down things that are bothering me. I am not one who enjoys talking about myself and my own emotions out loud, but keeping them bottled up inside is also not healthy. So using my journal as an outlet to problem solve, or to calm my anxiety has been a HUGE help.

   4. “Me” time

You go to work because you have to, you have bills to pay. You go to the grocery store because you have to, you need to eat. But what do you do in the run of a day or week, that you do because you WANT to? Working, cleaning the house, running errands… these are all tasks you perform daily/weekly that have become habits. But what habits are you implementing that are there just because they make you feel good? If you do not allow time for yourself, if you do not give yourself that “me” time, then you are doing yourself an injustice. Even if it’s giving yourself an hour a day to read a book, or time to paint, etc. Whatever it is that you ENJOY doing, make time for it! There are so many benefits to giving you “me” time. The biggest one is HAPPINESS! My version of “me” time is cuddled up reading a book vs watching TV. It makes me so happy, and clears my mind. Giving myself those few minutes to do what I want, makes such a difference. Sometimes the dirty floors can wait.

     5.  Eating foods that make my body happy 

This is such an important one. Something that we all fail to recognize is the affect food has on us in alllllll aspects — physically AND mentally. There are so many foods now a days to tempt us.. grilled cheese flavored chips, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? How do we learn to say no to foods like that? What I have learnt over the years is that eating everything and anything in MODERATION. I am human, so I obviously hate when I have to say no to something. I don’t want to feel like I have to cut out certain food groups, or not eat certain things because of the calorie or fat content. But if we eat everything in moderation, you do not have to say no completely. I recently was finding myself using food as an outlet for my emotions, which we all know is a big NO NO. Snacking is my thing, and my god it is so bad for us. Eating unhealthy or foods that are not offering any positive benefits have the ability to affect our bodies negatively. I feel GOOD mentally when I know that I am feeding my body good food. I feel GOOD physically when I am not bloated from a family size bag of chips that I know I shouldn’t have eaten. It is as simple as that. It can affect your skin, your hair, EVERYTHING. Make sure that affect is POSITIVE.

    6.  Viewing positive content

Growing up in this century, it now being 2018, we have access to so much different content. This is something small, but it is also something that I have found can make a huge difference in my mood. What I watch on TV, the content I watch on YouTube, or the things I allow myself to listen to can really alter my mood or thoughts — positively or negatively. When I go for my morning walks I try and listen to podcasts that are uplifting, or podcasts that are going to motivate me. I am going to list a couple of individuals that I really have been enjoying:

I am still learning so much about the habits that make me happy, and the habits that I can implement daily that will have a positive affect on my life. I want to be the best version of myself as often as I possibly can. I am learning so much about myself everyday, and that will continue for the rest of my life. But I wanted to share a few things that I have found work, and hopefully it will have a ripple affect and start to help you.

If you guys have any tips or things that you do on the daily to help with your anxiety or things that help you live a more positive life, make sure you leave them down below! I would love to hear from you.

All my love xo 

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