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A new perspective thanks to the novel, ‘Girl, wash your face!’

“Stop believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be” -Rachel Hollis

For the past couple of months my Facebook and Instagram feed have been flooded with posts about this incredible novel written by Rachel Hollis. Girl, wash your face! has been alllll the fuss with my girlfriends, and I finally got my hands on it! I was so excited to give this book a try. I am a huge fan of self help, health related books. I love the kind of read that is going to get my ass in to gear. This EXCEEDED my expectations and this is a must read for ALL females.

4 major things that I took from reading this novel: 

     1. Your dreams are NOT stupid just because they’re challenging to reach

  • Oh man. This right here. The novel is written all about the challenges and struggles Rachel Hollis has struggled through herself, and how she has come out on the other side. This was a huge point that I took from reading through each chapter. The individual that you are so envious of because they are a successful owner/operator of an amazing business — do you realize how many times somebody slammed a door in THERE face, or said NO? Instead of accepting it, instead of declaring defeat, they pushed on??? They wouldn’t be called your dreams if you didn’t have to work for them. If they weren’t challenging, they wouldn’t be so damn rewarding! And another thing: just because somebody doesn’t understand what your dream is, or where you want your life to go, that doesn’t mean that you are WRONG. Chase the hell out of what you truly want and don’t stop until you get there.


2. It is totally okay to be a girl boss — own that shit

  • Ok but for real. This was one of my favorite parts of the entire novel. The chapters that she wrote outlining the fact that she built a company from nothing, she has multiple employees that help her run her company who answer to HER. She works her ASS off — and she is PROUD of it! That right there. She is PROUD! All us woman should feel the same way for each and every one of our achievements. You do not have to be one thing or the other! You can be an amazing mother, and have an incredible career. You can be whatever you set your mind to because we’re amazing. It doesn’t matter. You rock, and work your butt off. Remember that.


3. I can be whoever I want to be, because I say so

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of childhood you may have had. It doesn’t matter the opportunities that you may have missed out on. Yeah ok, it sucks. We can acknowledge that. But the only person in control of your life is YOU. The only person in control of your attitude is… YOU. Do not waste your time and energy focusing on the negative, and make a better life for yourself. Do well because YOU deserve it. Make yourself PROUD.


 4. My goals are not hard to reach as long as I am willing to put in the work

  • One of the biggest points she tries to make in her novel is the fact that we need to stop giving up on ourselves. She says something along the lines of, “how many times have you broken a promise to yourself? Oh, I won’t eat that junk food for a whole month, only to fall short within 5 days? Stop quitting on yourself. Stop throwing in the towel, and put in the work. It is that simple. You want results? Then you need to work for it!


So am I right or am I right, about this novel? It was seriously the kick in the ass I truly needed. It is such an empowering read. And I also love that I have been able to keep up with her motivational talks, and conversations as she has a live stream on Facebook daily right now with her husband. I also love that I can stay connected by listening to her podcast.

After reading this novel I have set new goals for myself in hopes of achieving them; I am determined! What is one goal for yourself? Hop on this journey with me. And pick up this book — you seriously won’t regret it. What a game changer.

Where you can find Rachel Hollis:

Talk soon xo

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