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‘Simple’ Morning Skin Care Routine!

As Rachel Hollis would say “Girl, wash your face!”

I can not stress enough the importance of taking care of your skin! Now mind you — I’m human and sometimes I fall asleep without taking my makeup off at night. OR I skip my skin care routine in the morning all together because of lack of time. But for the most part, I try really hard to cleanse and moisturize my face daily!

If you guys are new here — hey there! My name’s Hannah and I am so happy that you decided to check out my blog today. If you haven’t seen any of my other posts talking about skincare/makeup; I have sensitive (for the most part) and dry skin, so I have to be pretty picky with the products I use. When I find a routine with products that work well for me; I tend to stick to it for months on end if not longer. Here are the products that I have been loving and the routine that works best for me:

First off, I have to put on a headband or a hair accessory of some sort to get all my baby hairs out of the way!

I absolutely love this Clarin’s cleanser! It has shea butter in it, so it works wonders for those who suffer from dry skin. I usually use this first to help remove any makeup and to cleanse. Another tip I have is to use a microfiber type of cloth when washing the product off. I find it is so gentle on my skin in comparison to a regular face cloth.

I know you are probably thinking, two cleansers?? Really Hannah?? But this works guys! I use the Clarin’s cleanser first to help remove any makeup or residue on my face. And then I go in with my Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser. It gives such a refreshed feeling to your skin after using it. If I remembered to remove my makeup the night before and my skin is looking okay, I will skip the first step. But I ALWAYS use this Clean and Clear product every morning, no matter what. It just makes my skin feel so awake.


I use a very hydrating moisturizer in the morning, I find my skin really needs it after the cleanser. I love the Clarins Moisturizer, it works WONDERS! I especially need it during these colder months; my skin practically begs for hydration in the cold! I always purchase this product specifically for ‘very dry skin’ as well.


Links to the products mentioned:


Alright guys, that’s it. Pretty simple right? Takes me 5 minutes — if that. It’s hard to use the excuse, “I don’t have the time this morning” when it only takes 5 minutes!

Let me know if you use any of the products I mentioned above, and your thoughts. Or if you have  ‘holy grail — can’t live without’ products for your skin care routine, let me know! I love trying new products. ♥

Talk soon xo

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