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My Thrift Store Finds! ♥

Hey guys! How are you today? It’s Friday, we made it! 

So most of you know that my platform was made to share all the things I love. So I thought I would start a new series of posts all about my thrift store finds. I love going to thrift stores, it brings me a ridiculous amount of joy. ☺

Just to shed some light on this location:


I picked up a few items on this trip to Mission Thrift Store. A random assortment of things:

Ok, so this sweater is a wind river (WHAT?) fleece sweater. It’s seriously in BRAND new condition, it doesn’t even look like it has been worn. It’s a size medium and fit me like a glove. This was $ 3.00!

This is honestly not something I would usually wear. But after washing it, I wore it yesterday afternoon and LOVED IT! It’s sooooo comfy. It also cinches in with the band at the hip area. So I wore leggings with it and it was extremely flattering, considering it is an over-sized style sweater from the men’s section. Only $2.00!


I tried to take a close up of this top, because the material is something I have never worn before. It’s very stretchy, almost like a spandex material. This is extremely flattering on, as it’s form fitting, but because of the material it doesn’t squeeze you to death. I pictured this tucked in to my high waist jeans and my booties. This was only $ 2.00 as well!


This picture does not do this shirt any justice, because it’s an off the shoulder top. But I’m sure you can get the just of it. Only $ 2.00 with the tags still on it as well, and paired with my high waist jeans, this will be a staple in my wardrobe!


I wanted a few t shirts that I could lounge in at home so I picked these two up from the men’s section! I believe they were also only $ 2.00 each!


I absolutely LOVE knitted mittens, so I couldn’t pass these up. There were multiples that had been made and the proceeds were being donated back to the church, so I bought myself a pair. You can never have too many knitted mitts, it’s just not possible! So darn cute. My winter coat is black, so I figured a little pop of color from my mittens would be nice. These were $ 3.00 I believe!

This was in the seasonal section for .50 cents. I thought it would be cute in the living room area during the holiday season.

Cute ornamental snowman for .50 cents!

I love this painted sunflower vase, that was only $ 3.00! After washing it, I thought it would be cute to have on my counter in the kitchen, to hold all the utensils.

I think this might be one of the cutest mugs I have ever owned. It was $ 1.50, and I am currently drinking my coffee from it as we speak. SO cute!

I also purchased this picture, and decided to re do the frame. I actually didn’t end up liking the way this looked, so I took it down. But it wasn’t a total bust, because I kept the frame for future use.

I hope you guys enjoy this new series on my blog. Thrift store shopping is just so fun, there’s always such neat things you can find if you take the time to look. And it’s shopping that you can do without feeling guilty, because you can’t beat the prices! ☺

Have a great weekend guys! I think we’re expecting some snow, so I might be snowed in for most of it! (I don’t even mind)

Talk again soon xo


  1. Tanya
    November 11, 2018 / 12:04 am

    I liked the pic you redid. Not a bust at all!

  2. Hannah McKellar
    November 11, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    Really? Well thanks! I wasn’t a fan of the way the photo looked inside it. But I do still like the frame!

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