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You NEED These Jeans In Your Life & Here’s Why! + 3 Tips On How To Buy The Right Pants for Your Body Type

I feel like everyone has a certain pair of jeans they couldn’t live without. Honestly, I have always just been a leggings kind of a gal, I have never really found that one staple pair of pants that I couldn’t bare to live without UNTIL… I recently purchased a pair of high waisted super stretch black jeans from American Eagle. LIFE CHANGING! They seriously feel just like leggings because of the super stretch spandex material, but they’re high waisted so they hug you in allllll the right places.

When buying jeans in the past I have always made the mistake of buying a regular rise pair of jeans, the kind that probably cut a little bit too low, which ended up being so unflattering on my figure.

It took me forever to realize that high waisted looks best on my figure! I have larger thighs and a bigger bust, so having jeans that hug me in at the waist is IDEAL. I also like a higher rise because I can wear a cropped sweater or shirt, and my stomach not show at all. (Shown below)

American Eagle jean’s run a bit high in price ($ 60.00 range), but the quality is seriously priceless. I have jeans from 5+ years ago from the same store, and they are still in such great condition.

1st tip: 

Wear what feels most comfortable!

You guys are probably like “uh yeah Hannah… but I can’t leave the house in my pjs soooo….” While that is true, there are pants out there that may provide just as much comfort. That being said, if you choose to wear leggings, try to find a top that flatters your upper body. An example: I personally never recommend somebody wear a crop top with leggings, because that’s two tight fitting pieces of clothing. If you’re wearing a modest bottom, then wear a v neck top to let the girls out. Or if you’re wearing a oversized adorable knitted sweater, style it with leggings, to show off those points of your body. Whatever feels most comfortable — style accordingly!

2nd tip:

Accentuate the parts of your body that you love!

So for someone like myself, I am much more confident with a tighter bottom such as; form fitting leggings or a skinny jean. But I absolutely hate anything ‘restricting’ on my stomach area! I am not comfortable with a tight tank top or a crop top showing off my stomach area. But that’s totally okay, we are all different. So instead, I choose to wear clothing that accentuates my lower half. Something that we all misunderstand is the rules of fashion. Just because somebody looks fantastic in that white tank top and joggers, does not mean you absolutely have to. You do not have to question your own beauty just because you feel uncomfortable in an outfit like that. And its just the same for the person wearing that outfit: rock the hell out of it, show off that body! Seriously, all I can say is wear what makes you feel beautiful. The mistake all us woman make is thinking that there ARE any rules when it comes to beauty.

3rd tip: 

Find the proper size by trying on different styles

This one seems like a given but honestly, most of us walk into a clothing store and become so overwhelmed we immediately grab something off the shelf and that’s that. But the reason there are so many different styles of pants available is because we all have different body types. It’s just as simple as that! Find what fits you best. Getting recommendations from a girlfriend or anyone for that matter is awesome, it’s always nice to have a helping hand. But just keep in mind that there body type is not the same as yours, and they just may not fit the exact same. Try not to become frustrated, move on, and try on a different style. You got this!

That is all for today’s post. I hope you guys enjoyed, and found it helpful. Be sure to check back this week for my other posts. Lots of love

Talk soon xo

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