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My All Time Favourite Lip Products — You Need These in Your Life!

I recently cleaned out my vanity, and went through all of my makeup products to organize them accordingly. When I was doing this I had a realization: I am a lip product junkie! 😉

I thought for today’s post I would talk about all my must haves when it comes to lip gloss, lipsticks, ETC. (These are not listed in any specific order)

I will also try to link the lip product at the bottom of this post, if the product is still available! ♥

Let’s just jump right in y’all!


Clarin’s is easily one of my top favourite brands. They have such high quality products, that are SO great for all different skin types. There lip products vary in price but tend to stay around the $ 29.00 CAD range.

These Clarin lipsticks are life changing. They have such a creamy texture so it glides on your lips with ease. This is definitely a great lip product for someone with dry lips because of the consistency.

I checked online on the official Clarin’s website and was not able to find this specific lip product, but I will link something similar!

If you guys have been following me for a while now you already know my love for this lipsticks; it even smells amazing! This is a nude/brown shaded lipstick by Clinique — and it is my most worn by far. Unfortunately this is another lipstick that is no longer available on the official Clinique website, but they have the dramatically different lipsticks available again, and those are JUST as great! They have a more creamy texture, and a glossy finish. You’ll notice I don’t typically wear a matte lipstick (although I am going to mention one or two today).

Urban Decay is another incredible makeup brand, especially when it comes to lip products and eyeshadows. This is a lipstick that is part of their Vice line. Believe it or not this is a matte finish lip product, and I actually really love it. It’s a beautiful nude colour, that really pops when worn with a nice bronzed makeup look! This retails for $ 22.00 CAD, and lasts forever.

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. They make really great lip products, with a large range of different lip colours. This one has more of a satin finish, in shade ‘435 Plum Perfect’.

This is a Rimmel London lipstick in the shade ‘127 Pink Chic’. This has a satin finish, and is a classic pink lipstick that everyone needs in their makeup bag.

Lip Liners

I honestly have never been a huge lip liner kind of gal, but I received this in an Ipsy bag a while back, and it’s so GOOD! It has a metallic brown nude appearance once it’s on your lips, it’s so beautiful, and pairs well with most lipsticks over top.

This is a lipliner from the brand Pixi by Petra. It’s a brown nude shade that provides such a really nice contoured finish. I love the shape of the tip because it makes it very easy to apply.

Lipgloss & Lip Balm

This is a great product to use over a matte finish red lipstick, my fav duo! These are super cheap in price, but is a great lip balm product because it is not sticky. This one is in the shade ‘Apple A Day’.

Nars Chubby lip product, this is what I love pairing with the Almay Lip Balm mentioned above. Has a matte finish, and is very pigmented.

NYX Butter gloss in shade ‘Eclair’.

I seriously can not stress my love for this product more. It’s freaking AMAZING, life changing. The ‘Korres Jasmine Lip balm’.

NXY Lingerie in shade ’01’. I LOVE this product, this is actually a recent purchase! It has a matte finish and doesn’t BUDGE from your lips for forever.

Links to products mentioned:

  1. Clarins Lip Product
  2. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
  3. Kimmel London Lip Product
  4. Colour Pop Lip Pencil
  5. Almay Liquid Lipstick
  6. Nars Lip Product
  7. Pixi Lip Liner
  8. NXY Butter Gloss
  9. Korres Jasmine Lip Butter
  10. NYX Lingerie

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post dedicated to all kinds of awesome lip products. Let me know in the comments what your favourite lippy is!

Talk soon xo

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