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❄ A Cozy Morning! How I Start My Snowed In Day ❄

❄ A Cozy Morning! How I Start My Snowed In Day ❄

After all the surrounding areas having their first snow fall last week, I finally woke up to snow on the ground here this morning! So exciting. 😉

I know that mid December I will certainly be over the snow, but the first snowfall is always my favorite!

Alright — get cozy, grab your cup of coffee and lets talk about my ideal snowed in morning. ❄❄

I don’t know what it is but I have to make my bed as soon as I get up for the day. I love having things organized and tidy (for the most part), so making my bed first thing in the morning just really sets the tone for a productive day.

I typically like to tidy up the house first thing in the morning after making my bed. Some people like to have their cup of coffee first thing in the morning to wake themselves up, but I like to spend the first few minutes cleaning up our space. It motivates me and at the same time is very therapeutic. Especially because today is a snowed in day; who wants to sit in a dirty apartment? I get all the chores out of the way first thing in the morning and then I have the remainder of the day to do whatever I please! Today my big plans are to curl up with my Snuggie, with the Hallmark channel on.

Chance was tired out after playing in the snow this morning. 😊


Lemon water

A yummy cup of coffee 

My Snuggie 

Puppy cuddles

It’s funny because by looking at my post today you’d have no idea that I broke down and had a bad day yesterday.. but I did. The thing is, I have two options:

1. I could allow the events of yesterday ruin my today

2. I could take yesterday as a lesson, and work hard to grow from it. Without allowing it to ruin the remainder of my week

So I pick #2. I choose to grow from my bad days like yesterday, and try and work towards a better version of myself. If you guys can take anything away from this post today, it’s to enjoy the little things just as much as the big. Like the first snowfall, or a good cup of coffee. You have to start somewhere. And if you’re struggling today, like I was yesterday, just know that you are not alone. And although it may not seem like it, the sun will shine tomorrow (hypothetically) and everything will be okay. Maybe not right at this second, or next week, but eventually: it will all be okay.

So I am going to curl up and enjoy today. I hope you guys have a great afternoon, and an even better weekend. 😊

Talk soon xo


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