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♥ Forever 21 Unboxing & Try On — Worth The $??

♥ Forever 21 Unboxing & Try On — Worth The $??

Okay, I am SOO excited to share this post with you all today. I have been searching for over a month for a ‘teddy bear’ styled Winter coat. They are ALL the hype this year! I looked on Amazon after watching a YouTube video reviewing the teddy bear coats on said site — but there wasn’t a big selection for the Canada region. I finally checked out Forever 21 and made the plunge. The parcel actually just arrived so I thought I would do an “unboxing”, as well as my first impression. Is it worth the money? Do I recommend? Let’s find out!

I was able to save a few extra dollars on free shipping, by spending over $ 50.00. My jacket only came to $ 48.90 so I purchased a headband (that I will try on for you guys) so I could get the free shipping! Was so much cheaper in the long run. I checked out the Forever 21 site today, and they are still offering this. And because black friday sales have begun, it would be the perfect time to purchase this jacket! (I will leave a link below in case you want to check it out)

My first thoughts on the jacket?

I am honestly so impressed with how thick this jacket is. Look at this:

And not only that, but it’s also lined, making it THAT much more durable and warm. I really couldn’t tell from the photos provided by Forever 21 if it was something I would be wearing more as a cardigan or a jacket. But after unboxing and seeing it in person, this is definitely something I will be wearing as a coat. Although it does not have a zipper or anything in the front to keep it closed, it’s seriously not necessary. There is so much heat provided by the material that the jacket is made from, that I wouldn’t ever zipper it up anyway. And this way I can wear a thick knitted sweater underneath, and layer my clothing pieces. A win win for how I plan to wear it!

My first thoughts on the headband?

The headband is actually a beautiful satin scarf – which surprised me because I had no idea. Definitely worth the $ 4.90, and I was able to save money on shipping. So I am really happy with it!

Now the true test — how do they look on?


It is so unbelievably WARM, and I find it so flattering for being such a thick jacket. Although I do have a true Winter jacket so I can stay warm during these colder months when I am outside in the snow. This is a great coat to grab when going out shopping, running errands, etc. Because it will still keep me warm, but has a bit more of a cute appeal to it. I would pay the $ 48.90 again in a heartbeat!

I also really enjoy this headband. It’s perfect when I have 2nd day hair, and I want my hair pulled away from face. It’s so soft because of the satin material, but it doesn’t budge when tied up on my head! Love it!


Alright guys, that’s all I have for you today. Be sure to check out the links to take advantage of the black Friday deals on Forever 21. I hope you all are having a great day and I will talk to you again soon xo

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