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❄ Decorating Your Christmas Tree On A Budget ❄

❄ Decorating Your Christmas Tree On A Budget ❄

As I have mentioned many times before in my previous posts, the holidays/Christmas is easily my FAVORITE time of year. Although it’s my favorite time of year, it’s also the time of year where I can become the most stressed out. Christmas is NOT cheap, and it can be an expensive time of year for us all. In today’s post I wanted to talk about how I decorated my Christmas tree on a budget. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a beautifully decorated tree, I PROMISE!

So for the past couple of weeks I have been going back and forth between the idea of having an artificial tree or real tree. There are so many pros and cons for each, I was honestly pretty stumped. I ended up deciding that I wanted to get a real tree and that was that.

But then I received an email from Michael’s in regards to there black Friday deals:

I quickly brushed my teeth and threw my winter hat on and rushed over to the store to pick up one. The real tree idea was thrown out the door; this was way too good of a deal to pass up!

So I would have to say that’s my first tip: I was totally fine with purchasing a real tree (which is a cheaper alternative), but keeping an eye out for deals on an artificial tree is also a great way to snag a ‘can’t pass up’ deal.

In regards to the decorations I used; I actually purchased each of them from the Dollarama. I went to other stores such as Winners and Walmart, but I couldn’t justify paying over $20.00’s for 1-2 ornaments each! That’s just crazy in my opinion, and it adds up quickly when dealing with a 6ft-7.5ft Christmas tree! 😉

Previous years I did gold and pink ornaments. But the color scheme I decided to go with this year was silver and gold, with touches of blue. Luckily I had gold and silver glass ball ornaments from previous years (that I bought from the Dollarama), so I didn’t have to purchase an ample amount of decorations to finish my tree. Which is something else to keep in mind when on a budget: If you’re the type of person who likes to switch things up every couple of years (like myself); by purchasing solid colored ornaments such as gold, white, or silver it gives you so many options. You can keep a staple color and then every couple of years spend a few extra dollars on a new accent color. It makes things feel ‘fresh and new’ but it won’t break the bank.

Here is an over view of my Christmas tree completed!

Tip: rather than spending 40+ dollars for a tree skirt, use an extra blanket that you have in your home. That’s all I did — and it looks just as good as a tree skirt. An easy way to save $$!

Tip: Adding stemmed flowers into your tree gives a very full feel, and adds a pop of color. I purchased each stem from the Dollarama for only $1.25 CAD! 

I purchased a set of 6 blue bulbs to add that additional color; and only cost $2.00 CAD. The blue snowflake ornament to the right came in a pack of 2 for only $1.50 CAD! And they’re so pretty.

I purchased a pack of 2 these sparkly hearts for only $1.00 CAD! Adds a bit of gold in addition to the gold bulbs. I also purchased the gold star from the Dollarama 2 years ago for only $4.00 CAD!

This silver glittered deer came in a pack of 2 for $1.50 CAD! They’re so stinkin’ cute.

Decorating for this holiday season does not have to be stressful, nor does it have to weigh heavy on your bank account. Keep sight of what’s important during this holiday season, and enjoy it. I hope this was a bit helpful for y’all. I am also going to add a post in a couple of days in regards to the decorations on my mantel — stay tuned! Talk soon xo

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