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DIY Project(s)! Success?

Hey guys! I am back today with a few DIY projects that I have done over the past month. I decided to paint my TV stand, coffee stand, and try and paint my lamp shades. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in the shade ‘Raw Silk’ for the tv stand and lamp shades. And used Fusion Mineral Paint in the shade ‘Casement’ for my coffee stand!

This is the before of my TV stand. It was a flat black color, and had multiple scratches etc. Just regular wear and tear! 

This is the after! I am SO happy with how it turned out. I did three coats of Fusion Mineral Paint and then sealed the color with Fusion Wax in ‘Pearl’. I highly recommend using one of there wax products, when painting items that are going to have things placed on them. Such as your dining table ETC. It will prevent marks such as cup marks and such from affecting the look!

So then I thought hey… I am going to try and color my lamp shades. I was honestly super nervous to do this. Fusion Mineral Paint can be used on fabric and pretty much any surface, but I was still nervous. Haha! 

This was during. You can see the lamp shade on the left is the before, and the lamp shade on the right is after one coat. I had to do about 3/4 coats to get the proper coverage! But in terms of how easy it was to paint the fabric.. unbelievably easy! Went on with no issues whatsoever, and had really great coverage considering. 

This is the finished product. LOOK AT THIS! They seriously look like brand new lampshades. I was so happy with how they turned out. The only thing that I am unhappy with is how they look when the lamp is turned ON. You can see the brush strokes, and it almost looks like the lamp shade is made out of hairs. So this is half a success and half a fail! 😉

This is the finished product of my coffee stand! It turned out even better then I imagined. I unfortunately was so excited that I completely forgot to take a before picture. But it was a stained light brown color. It took 3 coats of the Fusion Mineral Paint!

That is all my most recent projects guys. I am going to link the site for Fusion Mineral Paint if you’re curious. It is such a wonderful product, and I have never used anything like it. Nothing compares! 


Talk again soon xo


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