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If someone asked me what my favorite day of the week is, I would say without hesitation that it is definitely Monday. Monday’s are my reset day. My diet is the best it can be, my attitude is nothing but positive, and I always just feel GOOD. It feels like there is an endless amount of possibilities for the week ahead. Am I right? Are you with me?

A new year feels the same. January 1st. 2019 means endless possibilities! You feel a sense of optimism as the new year commences because of that hope we are carrying in our heart; hope for a great year.

A new year for most people, also means coming up with your ‘New Year’s Resolution’. Now I have seen so much controversy on this subject; as with everything when it comes to social media and one’s opinions. For some they are just a reminder of the things they will not achieve this year, or for some it’s just the fact that they feel it is a waste of time. I even know a handful of individuals that feel anxiety around the topical altogether. I personally believe that just like everything, New Year’s Resolutions is a matter of perspective. Rather than calling them this, you could see it as you taking the time to set goals. Goals are great because they keep us determined, they keep us grounded. They help us get shit DONE!

So with that being said, I wanted to talk to you guys today about my goals for 2019. I have created my vision board for the year, with space remaining so I can add things as I go of course. We never want to limit or creativity! Dreaming is NEVER done. And once we decide that we want something to be more than just a dream, there comes the creation of a GOAL. A vision board can mean something totally different to someone else; they are completely personal in all aspects. But the just of what I am using it for is to motivate myself. Rather than having my goals for the year written down in a journal where I’ll never see them, I have them in picture form. Having them in a way that helps me visualize, and somewhere where I will see them everyday, is SO beneficial!

I used an up cycled cork board, and attached clippings from old magazines. The clippings I chose are ones that I see as representing my goals for 2019.

So to go through a few of my goals for the year:

  • On the side there is a clipping that says “work + play” and for me this represents having a balance between the two. Taking the time to work hard and do my very best at my job, but then remembering when I leave work, work stays there. I want to have a proper balance between the two, without feeling distracted by other obligations.
  • Great things never come from your comfort zone“, “Spice up your look“, “Girl power“, the photo of the earrings etc. ALL of these and a few others all fall under the same category. This year I want to learn more about myself and EMBRACE IT. In terms of fashion especially! I have ALWAYS worn the items of clothing that most people wear, the items that bring THEM joy and that have classified that piece of item as “in”. I have ALWAYS felt uncomfortable in a lot of ‘type A’ fashion. But I wear it because it’s what is bought for me, and because I always followed what was in. NO MORE! This year I want to discover the type of styles that suit my body BEST, and that make me feel GOOD. I want to eliminate my anxiety that is centered around finding something to wear, and then deciding to just stay in my pajamas.
  • All the good. None of the bad” giving me the confidence that this year will be the very best, so long as I stay positive and believe it myself. Not so much a set goal, but something that makes me happy to see.
  • Make sure you love yourself“. My self love journey is far from finished. I need to continue to work hard and strive towards a greater love for myself. This goes hand and hand with discovering my style.
  • Your budding artist needs lots of attention” means for me that I am going to spend more time this year tapping into my creative size. There is so many things that I enjoy doing such as painting, building, redoing furniture, and more. I want to explore my hobbies further, paint more, ETC. Also going hand and hand with the work + play point.
  • Be thankful for what you have“. My reminder to practice gratitude. A goal of mine for 2019 is to continue my practice of gratitude daily as I have already seen first hand how beneficial it’s been.
  • And so on…. ……. ……. ……..

The list goes on and on when it comes to the meanings of the clippings on my vision board for 2019. Some of the pieces mean something different, but somehow tie into the same idea.

I hope you feel a sense of inspiration reading a few of my goals for the new year. I highly recommend you creating a vision board for yourself. It’s a great way to tap into your creative side, if anything. Having your goals set out in front of you as a daily reminder, is what is going to help you crush those goals this year.

See this as an opportunity to make this the best possible year you can. Set goals, set yourself up for GROWTH this year.

Now, I have to know: What are YOUR goals?


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