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My DIY Project Using Fusion Mineral Paint! My Thoughts??

Hey guys, how are you today?? ♥

I swear it has not stopped raining here for the past 3 days.. but at least it’s not snow —-YET!

So I have been saying for the past couple of months that I wanted to purchase Fusion Mineral Paint and tackle my bedroom set. And last week, I finally did just that!

There was so much hype surrounding this paint, and how well it works — so I obviously had to get my hands on it.


Fusion Mineral paint is only available either online, or in a craft store type of setting. You can not purchase it from Home Hardware, Kents, ETC. (Just a heads up because I had no idea when I started searching for it)

I purchased the 500 ml jar for $25, which is the largest size you can get, in the shade ‘pebble’. When I bought the paint I really did not think that it would be enough in such a small jar. At first glance this color appeared to be off white, but once I finished painting my bedroom set, it definitely has more of a light grey tone. (As you can see below)

I have done many DIY projects in the past, and most recently I refurbished my end tables with a different type of paint. I have to say in comparison to the Fusion Mineral Paint — The Fusion Mineral Paint wins by a landslide.

It was so user friendly — SO easy to use. If you have no past experience with DIY projects and you are going out on a ‘whim’ and refurbishing a piece of furniture in your home, I would HIGHLY recommend this product. SERIOUSLY.

You do not have to buy a particular brush to use this paint, I bought all my painting tools at the Dollarama and they worked like a charm. No issues whatsoever! Spending less than $20 on painting supplies? Sign me up!

It only required two coats. THAT’S IT! Hold up — let me show you the pictures before I continue.. Me going on about it is not going to do this post any justice!

This is the before of my large dresser and one of my side tables. I was given this bedroom set for free; so it had a few knobs missing, and it’s more of a pressed wood/plastic type of a bedroom set. It was not in the best of shape, but hey — it was FREE.

After only two coats of the Fusion Mineral Paint this is the after:


I am so beyond impressed with how they turned out. I am currently waiting for one more jar of the paint to come in on order so I can finish my large mirror, headboard and the second and final coat on my wardrobe style dresser. BUT one 500 ml jar was able to finish this large dresser, two bedside dressers, and one coat of paint on the wardrobe — isn’t that crazy??

It’s crazy what a coat of paint and a new knobs can do to a piece of furniture. The knobs I purchased are from Home Depot for only $1.45 each!

My overall rating of this product?

It is definitely worth purchasing, I really loved the way it turned out.

If you guys decide to refurbish something in your home with this product, please be sure to send me your results. I would love to see!

Talk to you all again soon xo


  1. Tanya
    November 6, 2018 / 11:20 pm

    Love this paint!!

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