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Why I Stopped Purchasing/Using Paper Towel

When it comes to making your house zero waste, it takes time. It is definitely not something that happens over night, but little by little — small changers over time, it happens.

I realized that the amount of garbage my family was producing each week, was outrageous. So I thought more in depth about it: what is helping to make it accumulate? …. Paper towel. I was using an insane amount of paper towel! So I thought more on it and honestly there seemed to be only one way to fix said issue: To stop using it altogether. So we have been without paper towel in our home for over a month now.

What do we use instead?

We seemed to use paper towel the most to clean. Wipe surfaces of the counter off, clean the tables, dry utensils, clean the mirrors, the list goes on! Seriously I used it for everything. So I placed multiple microfiber cloths in my kitchen area to be used instead. I knew that the paper towels needed to be replaced with something else for convenience and practicality. (I would cave and purchase paper towels if NOT having them was too much of an inconvenience — I’m too predictable)

I honestly find using these cloths rather than paper towels to be better. They clean mirrors better, the microfiber cloth is great for drying the dishes, wiping off counters, ETC. I have seen online that you can buy reusable cloths, but I just didn’t see it necessary. So it really hasn’t been that different, since implementing this change.

One complaint I DO have is that it causes more laundry, because they obviously need to be washed after time. I know I can’t be the only one who absolutely hates laundry. Ha Ha

But I think if they’re cleaned by hand and then air dried after use, it will make for an easier time in all aspects.

I strongly urge you all to search up the affects paper towel has on the environment. There is so much information you can find on Google. Eliminating the use of paper towels in your home is not only amazing for the environment but it is also extremely cost effective. In regards to the affect it has on the environment, here is a bit of information that I had found when searching on the internet:

  • First off, producing all that paper consumes many resources; including 110 million trees per year, and 130 billion gallons of water. Can you believe that?
  • After a single use, it all goes into the landfill – some 3,000 tons annually – where it generates methane as it decomposes.

The affect paper towel has on the environment is detrimental; and is only getting worse. Using less, or stopping the use of paper towel in your home altogether can make a world of difference. I am so happy that I have stopped using them in my home.

What is something that you have done recently in your home, or started doing in general, to benefit the environment? ☺

Talk again soon xo

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