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My Thoughts On Marie Kondo’s Series & Her Book Centered Around The Notion Of ‘Tidying Up’

Marie Kondo has become such a popular gal! Not only because of her novel “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, but now also because of her new series on Netflix.

Today I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on Marie Kondo and the changes I have implemented thanks to her guidance! (Via Netflix Series and her book)

I am going to apologize in advance – this may be a long one.

So I had actually purchased Marie’s Novel (as stated above), but I had purchased it over a year ago. I had come across a video centered around self care/self help novels, and this was one of the recommendations that was given. (

I managed to read half of the novel, but was finding myself struggling to pick it up or to stay interested for a long period of time. I love to read, it is truly one of my favorite past times! But I am also a visual person and like to visualize the things I am reading as I go. I found myself struggling to envision the words from Marie’s book. I was struggling to make a connection in my personal life to her thoughts from The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying up. It’s hard to connect with a book about cleaning your space, when you’re struggling to admit your space is actually quite cluttered! With that being said, I had set the book down and hid it in my nightstand, to be picked up again some day.

And then I came across her new series on Netflix recently and decided to give it a chance. I was so intrigued with the TV series! It was as if I was finally able to visualize what Marie was talking about in her novel, because I was now watching it in action on television. This prompted me to get her novel back out and to read more. I think after seeing the series on TV and witnessing the chaos in others homes, it helped me arrive to a realization that I have a cluttered space. And that cluttered space is causing me WAY too much grief.

I pride myself on trying to implant a more minimalist approach to my life, but the things I was holding on to said otherwise!

Now I am NOT saying Marie Kondo is a minimalist because she has stated previously that she is not. But as somebody who is attracted to a minimal way of life, what Marie is teaching, is a practice that I needed to be implementing.

If you are not familiar with her method the just of it begins with 6 simple rules:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal living space
  3. Finish discarding first. Before getting rid of items, sincerely thank each item for serving its purpose.
  4. Tidy by category, not location
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself it it sparks joy

She organized all items into 5 categories that you tackle in order:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (Miscellaneous Items)
  5. Sentimental Items

You start with clothing. You take all your clothes out of your closet or wherever it is, and you place it on your bed in a big pile. Every single item, don’t forget anything. You then pick up an article of clothing one by one, and question if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, you thank it, and toss it to be donated. You follow this same process going through each category listed above.

I would suggest googling it, reading her book, or checking out the Netflix series if you have any curiosity or interest!

I was able to DONATE over 6 large garbage bag’s full of things that no longer ‘sparked joy’. Honestly it wasn’t even a question of if it would bring me joy or not, it was just allowing myself to finally get rid of most of these items without feeling a sense of guilt. 6 BAGS?! From a girl who claimed she had a clean space, without any items she did not need…. HMM!

From my Instagram Story @hannahmckellar

Why did Marie Kondo’s Practice help me?

There are so many small reasons that this practice helped me. But the main reason is that it truly opened my eyes to the items I purchase that bring me ZERO JOY! I was spending my money on these items, and then never wearing/using/or looking at them ever again! It’s mind boggling to me that I would go into a store and purchase things that I really have no desire to even wear/use.

So yes, it helped me clear my space and allowed me to donate SO much stuff! (which feels great) But it has also allowed me to spend LESS! When I go into a store I now find that I am questioning myself: “Do you really need this? Will this bring you joy?” And the crazy thing about it is that most of the time I put the item back down, because NO, it really is not going to bring me any joy. In fact I probably would have gone home with my new purchases, and it would never be used!

So I went through all the steps that Marie had suggested, and now have successfully de-cluttered 90% of the items in my home. I still have a closet I have to go through, as well as some items in storage. But I am honestly so happy with the changes I have made. It has reduced my stress, because it has reduced my cleaning! I no longer have to continuously clean the cutter – because the clutter does not exist! She teaches you folding techniques, ways to organize items in drawers so that everything is visible. And also teaches you to use smaller containers, boxes, ETC to keep things not only organized, but easier to get to. Which I also was a huge fan of.

So this is an example of how I have my tea towels and dishcloths organized. Believe it or not I have not had to tidy this drawer up in over a week, which is huge for me. Seriously. My boyfriend and I can be super lazy, and this drawer tends to be neglected — not lately!

This is a picture of my utensil drawer in the kitchen. I wish I would’ve taken before pictures, but I honestly never even thought. I was in cleaning mode! Nonetheless, this drawer is so much better. I added these 3 containers from the Dollarama (so cheap), and it helps to keep things organized and less cluttered. You guys should have seen the items I was able to get rid of from this drawer alone. I found 3 potato mashers in this drawer! Really? Who need’s 3? NO ONE!

This is a bit of a tricky picture to see, sorry y’all. But she also made multiple suggestions for your Tupperware. Anyone else have the HARDEST time organizing and storing these darn containers properly? The first thing I did was get rid of any containers that had no lids/bottoms, or were not needed. Then I put all the lids on the correct containers. No container without a lid, no lid without a container! 😉. Then I took her suggestion of storage bins and that is what is photographed above. I organized all my smaller containers to fit inside here to keep them in ONE SPOT vs everywhere in my cupboard. Then I organized the larger containers (not in photo), I organized them by SIZE. Biggest to smallest; back to front. It looks great, which is awesome. But the best part? I have not had to tidy up this area in over 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS! This is huge.

Here is an example of how I now have my drawer’s organized. My shirts are on the right and pants on the left. After going through my clothes and donating, I now only have 3 pairs of jeans. Isn’t that crazy? And only 1 shirt drawer. Which is a first for myself!

Lastly I wanted to show you the plastic bins I use in my sock/undies/bra drawer. Something Marie mentions is folding your bras and underwear (girly items), in a nice way. Which I can’t say I was doing before. I was always bending the padded area of my bra which apparently is a no no! 😉

Anyway, these bins work great to keep my underwear and bras organized. And then my socks to the left. I have yet to organize my socks in the suggested way she mentioned, but at some point for sure.

I had so many “revelations” if you will, during this process. It made me realize how much stuff I was holding on to because of guilt when it came to getting rid of them. Items from family members, my parents, friends, ETC. This was definitely the hardest part of de-cluttering BY FAR. I had to remind myself that just because somebody gave it to me, it does not mean that I have to keep it. It was as if I was having buyers remorse from items I didn’t even purchase for myself. The memories with these individuals and what they mean to me in general is what matters!

I am definitely a huge fan of Marie Kondo and think what she is doing for people is amazing. I have always had the motto of ‘less is more’ in all aspects. I applaud her for her commitment to what she believes in, and her generosity to share it with the world.

One question I do have: How are the individuals who were featured on her show making out now? Now that she has come and gone; is there space still the same? Has clutter found it’s way back into their home? Or is this a permanent change they have made?

For me, this is my life. This change was not a ‘fad’ or a thing to do until next Winter, when I have accumulated twice as much stuff. This was a stepping stone towards the life I want to live. 😊

I strongly urge you to give her book a chance, or if you’re not much of a reader then definitely check out her series on Netflix.

I would love to know your thoughts on Marie Kondo and her ‘method’. Some people do not agree with it and I have watched a few videos of other’s opinions. I find it so fascinating to hear their opinion and take on Marie Kondo’s method. Let me know y’all!

Until my next post: talk again soon xo

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