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I LOVE THIS STUFF | Beauty Favorites For The Month Of January πŸ’™

I actually have so many products to share with you this month — I’m excited! I think for the month of January I am going to make this post into two parts. I have so many beauty products on it’s own, that I am going to dedicate this favorites post today to those products only. And then I will create another post sometime this week dedicated to my lifestyle favorites. So grab your cup of coffee y’all & get comfy…

(Links at the end of this post as usual)

Beauty Products

So I have never actually owned/tried the original Beauty Blender. My mom was so awesome and bought me one for Christmas, along with this adorable holder for it. I have been using this nonstop during the month of January.

I don’t know if you guys watch YouTube videos, but I watch them religiously. My favorite content to watch is anything centered around BEAUTY.. I am sure that’s no surprise whatsoever. Anyway, most of the individuals I watch have been RAVING about this foundation, so I gave it a shot and am in love! I actually tried the sample first to make sure I loved the foundation enough to purchase. I’m shade 410. HIGHLY recommend purchasing this y’all.

Physician’s Formula has saved the day with this beautiful Bronzer. It smells SO good; smells just like tanning lotion. Gives a really nice bronzed shimmery finish. I have this butter bronzer in ‘sunkissed’.

I’m not sure if you all checked out my Christmas Wish List – Sephora Edition post, that I had made before Christmas. But I had mentioned how much I was wanting the Morphe 350 palette… I am one lucky girl because I was gifted this for Christmas. I have been using it DAILY, as you can tell from the mess that I have made of this palette. It’s SO GOOD!

This Stila Mascara has been a staple for me on the days I’m not wearing lashes. Creates so much volume!

These brushes were another gift I received for Christmas. They are a brush set that is available on Amazon and I’m a HUGE fan. They are so soft, and work so well. I especially love the eye brushes because they do a good job at packing the product on the lid.

Hair Products

So I only have two products to share with you today. One of them is my new hair straightener. I don’t know if you guys have heard about the brand ‘L’ange’, but it’s a super popular hair tools brand. The straighteners run over $100.00, but I actually found the straightener I was looking for from Marshall’s for only $39.99. CRAZY!

I like the straightener, I like that it has adjustable heat settings and how I can grip the hair straightener at the ends where the hot plates are at, without having to worry about burning my fingers. I find it works well to decrease my static and frizz and creates really nice curls. I do NOT enjoy using this straightener to straighten my hair, which probably seems weird. But my hair is extremely difficult to straighten because it’s naturally curly, so I have to be pretty picky and have yet to find a straightener that works better then my Rusk one.

It really is such a sleek looking heat tool.

As I mentioned above I have pretty frizzy hair. I love this oil and use it daily. I use it after I straighten my hair to tame the frizz. I also use it after I curl my hair. I put a small amount in the palm of my hands and then run them through my curls, works so well at giving my curls a bit of volume too when I work the product in with my hands. I also use it after I use my mousse on the days I want to just let my hair air dry. It’s super cheap and lasts so long because a little goes a LONG way.


Alright guys: So that is my favorite beauty related products for the month of January. It’s only the first month of the new year, and honestly it has been such a GREAT start. In all aspects. I am feeling lucky. I am going to continue trying new things during the month of February, so stay tuned.

Also make sure you keep an eye out for another favorites post this week, where I will be including all my LIFESTYLE favorite’s. πŸ˜ƒ

Talk soon xo

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