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I LOVE THIS STUFF | Random Favorites For The Month Of January

Hey all. Hope you had a great week. I am writing this late Friday night because I had some technical difficulties. But it’s all good!

I shared earlier this week my beauty favorites for the month of January, and now I am coming at you with my random favorites for the month. A little bit of everything! Lets get into it. 😄


You Are A Badass At Making Money‘ has been a really great read. I feel like each time I pick up this book, I’m learning new things. Jen Sincero offers advice in a humorous way in this novel. Check it out!
This is another book I am still currently reading. So far I have really been enjoying it. I find that it offers a lot of similar advice in the book I mentioned above, without the humorous component. It is a very well written book with SO much knowledge. It has taken me more time then anticipated to read this, but that’s because I really wanted to take everything in. I wanted to learn from it so I can implement changes in my life, centered around what I have learned from this book.


I am a huge fan of diffuser bracelets, and have recently started wearing them again. You take whatever essential oil you’d like, add a few drops to the lava beads, allow those to set and soak in the oil, and then you wear the bracelet. I love to add lavender on the days my anxiety isn’t the best. Now I am not one to believe in the magic of oils, but if having a bit of lavender oil on my wrist helps me stay calm, then why not right?
Since I mentioned my love for lavender oil above, I’m sure this comes as no surprise. I have been dabbling into the Plant Therapy oils lately, and have really been enjoying them. I use lavender in my bath, it’s a key component in my skincare routine, love to diffuse it in my diffuser, ETC. So many different uses for this oil, it’s a staple.
This is a new addition to my oil collection. ‘Allspice’ from Plant Therapy has a very potent and clean smell. So far I have enjoyed adding this to my cleaners, diffusing it, and using it on my floors. It’s a different scent to get used to, but it’s starting to become a favorite for sure.
Lastly I wanted to mention Coffee essential oil, again from Plant Therapy. I am a coffee enthusiast, so this oil is very fitting. If you could see how pure this oil is, from the smell to the consistency, you wouldn’t doubt the authenticity of Plant Therapy oils. It’s seriously so incredible. This coffee oil has a similar consistency to molasses. And smells heavenly.


Continuing on the coffee train… This Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee is INCREDIBLE! I buy whole beans, because I find it’s a better ‘bang for my buck’. This bag is 907g of whole coffee beans, and was under $13.00 from Costco.
ALRIGHT so these are my NEW obsession. I was watching a YouTube video centered around weight loss and snacking, and she recommended these. I am a juice fanatic, it’s not even pop that I crave. But these tackle that sweet craving, and it’s slightly carbonated so it also helps with any cravings for that. It doesn’t bloat me, they are super cheap, and just so yummy.
My favorite snack as of lately. Raw cashews! A handful of these and I am good to go.


I am a planner kinda gal. I love having a planner handy. My bestfriend Jenn is so awesome and bought me this one here. I also have a smaller one in my purse that is so great and is from Indigo as well, actually. This planner that I am showing you here comes with multiple pages of stickers, which is just an added bonus.
I also love how each month starts this way; with a spot for your goals, important dates ETC. It’s a great way to stay organized and motivated.
My boyfriend is the best, and bought this S’well water bottle for me. I LOVE IT! It’s no lie when they say it keeps your cold water COLD, and your hot beverages HOT. It’s awesome for work too because it holds a fair amount of water at a time.
I asked for this yoga block for Christmas, and was so lucky to receive it. There are far too many uses and benefits for me to share here, so check it out online and purchase one for yourself! I have been using it daily, and is a key component in m yoga routine now.
Because we live in the city, regular tap water is a NO GO zone. We always had a water cooler, and bought jugs of water regularly. But we were finding it quite costly, and wanted to find an alternative. BRITA! I can’t recommend purchasing a Brita MORE. It has saved us money, and the water is FRESH thanks to the filter. Spending the 32$ or so upfront for this is so worth it in the long run.
I HAD to mention my record player in my favorites post today, because I have been using it non stop. I received this as a gift at Christmas time, and I absolutely love it. This certain record player is bluetooth, a cassette player, CD player, and record player in one. I love this SO much! I will try to find this exact one to link below.


Alright, so that wraps up my random favorites for January. I hope you guys enjoyed the two part post this month.

If you haven’t, be sure to check out my beauty favorite’s post from earlier this week!

Have a great weekend! 💙

Talk soon xo

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