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AROUND THE HOUSE | let’s chat

Best way to start my morning:

Put a record on

Make a cup of coffee

Today was my day off, so it involved cleaning the apartment top to bottom. At the time, this task can be exhausting at best. But it feels great when it’s all finished.

Clean space — Clear mind. Now that the house is all cleaned and the dishes are finally done, it was time to mop the floors.

I like to add lavender to my cleaner when mopping the floors. Not only does it help me relax because of the boost of lavender scent. But I find it helps give a nice finish to the floors.

When I’m cleaning the house top to bottom like this, I seriously work up such a sweat. Make sure to stay hydrated! My favorite beverage typically is lemon water. I try to drink this daily!

Another tip I wanted to share with you has to do with the toaster. We live in a smaller space, and our kitchen is quite small. Because of this I try to free up as much counter space as possible, which means that most appliances have to stay in the cupboards until needed. But lugging the toaster in and out of the cupboard makes such a mess with the crumbs and such.

I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a small Tupperware tote from the Dollarama or a local store, to put your toaster inside. This way all the crumbs stay within the contained space. All you have to do is dump the crumbs out that are at the bottom of the tote, and carry on. This has saved me from having to clean the inside of the cupboards more often, including the counter tops.

After the house is cleaned up, I love to turn on my diffusers. I have one in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. I’m not one to have these running at all hours of the day. But after cleaning up the apartment, it’s nice to have a fresh aroma in the air.

For the bathroom I am diffusing Purification and Peppermint. (Both from Young Living)

(In the kitchen I am diffusing Orange and Lemon. (Both from Young Living)

Had to of course water my baby succulents. They sure are struggling this Winter! Do you guys have any tips on how to revive my succulents? Comment below! I am allllll ears.

I am going to relax for the remainder of the day and enjoy some kitty cuddles from Teddy. ♥

Talk soon xo

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